Amazing is the word...

A family entertainment specialist. The Amazing Arthur brings a hilariously creative, interactive, mesmerizing, engaging, high energy, charismatic, magic, juggling, mentalism, YoYo show to audiences all over the country. He is also an expert in run-on sentence construction! Surely the best Omaha Family Entertainer!

Plan on scratching your head in wonderment, picking your jaw up off the floor and lots of belly laughs. This isn’t just a show, it’s an experience.

Arthur has brought his show to nearly every state in the country and garners rave reviews wherever he performs. 

Experience amazing now with the best Omaha Family Entertainer!

If you are looking for Arthur’s corporate show,- take a look at Arthur’s adult corporate show at

VIdeos With Reviews


From toddlers to grandparents, Arthur did not dissapoint anyone!

Casper Wyoming

Library Director

Over a thousand people came to see Arthur through the course of three shows. Some people even came back to see him again on the same day!

Topeka Kansas

Library Director

The show was just wonderful. He gave a great message about reading books

Glenwood Iowa


He was amazing not just for the students, but for the adults as well.

Florence Elementary

School Omaha Nebraska

Standing room only crowds for 11 days!

Nebraska State Fair

A wonderful program that I can highly recommend.

Rapid City South

Dakota Library

Omaha, Nebraska

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