Family Shows


Arthur has performed at countless state and county fairs, from the west coast to the east coast and everywhere in between!  This is a high-energy, interactive and hilarious family show that is perfect for all audiences.  Arthur has performed at such fairs as the following:

Nebraska State Fair, Ohio State Fair, West Virginia State Fair, North Carolina State Fair, North Tennessee Valley Fair, Tulsa State Fair, Missouri State Fair, South Dakota State Fair.

Library shows

It’s all about reading! That’s how Arthur became so amazing.  The Amazing Arthur library show is packed with magic tricks, juggling, yo-yo tricks, balloon creations, lots of laughs AND a message about reading.  This show is a hit for all ages.


Arthur’s school assembly show focuses on making the students the stars of the show.  The show includes amazing magic, juggling, yo-yo tricks, and a lot of audience participation. Perfect for kids ages 4 and up.  This program can be performed for 2 to 500 kids


Most frequent questions and answers

Arthur travels all over the country! There are no limits as to how far Arthur will go to share his amazingness.

Most performances are around 45 minutes, but can be customized to any time length.  The Amazing Arthur can perform for as little as 15 minutes or to up to 90 minutes

There are a lot of acts to pick from, but, in the end, what you are really buying are memories.  You may save a few dollars hiring an amateur or part time entertainer, but five minutes into the show you will see why they charge less.  There’s a reason that Arthur is the Omaha area’s premier family magician, juggler, comedian and all-around entertainer.  Arthur’s shows are reasonably priced to not break your budget. You will still have plenty left over for the cake and even ice cream.

This is where Arthur really stands out.  Arthur does a LOT of shows for the corporate crowd.  Check out his website at  The family show has something for everyone.  Silly stuff for the little kids, intellectual jokes for the older kids and even a few 80’s pop culture references for the adults. Of course every show is packed with high energy magic, juggling, yoyo tricks and a generous helping of audience participation.

When you hire The Amazing Arthur, you are getting years of experience and talent that has taken hundreds of hours to perfect.  Arthur is EXTREMELY passionate about his art and has been performing since high school.


With thousands of performances under his belt, you can relax, your audience is in good hands with Arthur.

The next step to securing Amazingness is to fill out the form below and The Amazing Arthur or one of his secretaries at The Amazing Arthur World Headquarters will get back to you right away. There is only one Amazing Arthur and dates vanish quickly…

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