Retirement Homes

What if I told you, your residents would be...

“Laughing, clapping, and talking about YoYo’s!”
That is exactly what happens when The Amazing Arthur takes his final bow.
The Amazing Arthur travels the country bringing his comedy magic, juggling, YoYo show to seniors all over the mid-west. It’s a special shared experience for our special seniors, staff, and visitors. Arthur has performed at hundreds of senior communities just like yours!
With magical moments and wholesome humor, there are pop culture references from “back in the day” and some moments of bewilderment.
Arthur’s show is something that your crowd and staff will always remember!
Best of all, Arthur’s show will fit into your budget.
Arthur is currently scheduling performances in your area. Performance times fill up quickly!
Please email Arthur directly with ideal dates and times

Dates fill up quickly. Get in touch with Arthur now to bring some ROCKIN' AMAZINGNESS to your retirement homes.